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International Financial Consulting Ltd. is a leading international consulting firm specializing in financial services in support of trade, investment, and development.

Most governments worldwide have established some institutions or facilities to support critical public policy objectives which are underserved by the private financial system in areas such as housing, exports, SMEs, industrial development, infrastructure, municipalities, and the green economy. Multilateral and regional development banks also work to support such vital areas in their countries of operation. We are focused on these public institutions including development banks, development finance institutions, export credit agencies and government entities such as national housing agencies.

We possess an in-depth understanding of the complex and ever-changing interface between the private and public sources of financial services and risk management solutions and advise on how the publicly-supported entity can fill market gaps and catalyze the private sector.

We utilize a wide range of analytical tools to effectively evaluate market conditions and design recommendations that are informed by international standards and best practices while being sensitive contextual issues. We are adept at utilizing quantitative and qualitative data collection tools to inform our analytical work and have proven skills in conducting consultations with a wide array of stakeholders.

We have worked with clients in institutions all over the world and in economies in all stages of development. While recognizing the unique national or local circumstances in which a particular institution operates, we also undertake international benchmark studies and peer comparisons.

Our product and services are summarised as follows:

Recent News and Project Awards

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